• Yard and crawl space flooding.
  • Visible moisture and efflorescence on the foundation walls inside the crawl space.
  • Standing water on top of or underneath the vapor barrier.
  • Unsealed foundation walls and vents which allow water to enter the crawl space.
  • Eroding foundation along the interior and exterior perimeters of a property.
  • Storm and flood damage.


  • Interior French Drains: Drains installed along the interior perimeter of the crawl space. Next to the foundation footer and running at a negative slope. The 4-inch perforated drainage pipes are installed a minimum of 18-inches deep and buried in a permeable drainage rock.
  • Sump-Pumps: Zoeller Sump-Pump installed inside a basin at the low point of the crawl space. The basin is made of heavy-duty plastic and, when triggered, will pump moisture out of the crawl space, into a ditch or basin away from the property .
  • Exterior Drains: Used to redirect moisture away from the home and reduce flooding. Typically used to stop flooding around house foundations, driveways, garages, walk-ways, etc.
  • Gutter Downspout Extensions: Directs all the rain water coming off the roof further away from the foundation of the home to prevent flooding in unwanted areas.

*Interior French drains are wrapped in a protective sock to prevent it from clogging

Full foundation french drain solution actively preventing crawl space flooding.
An encapsulation with R-12 wall insulation, a 10 Mil vapor barrier and dehumidifier.

Standing water in your crawl space? If the ground in your crawl space is eroding, or has standing water, your crawl space may be vulnerable to flooding. Flooding can lead to more problems such as mold and water damage to your home. An interior drainage solution is necessary to prevent these problems in your crawl space. At Carolina Casa, LLC we specialize in the design and installation of proper drainage solutions inside the crawl space. Schedule a free inspection to learn how we can help you!

Crawl spaces are vulnerable to flooding, it is a fact. Since crawl spaces are dug out so that they are below ground level, they are more vulnerable to flooding and a rising water table. Interior drainage solutions such as a french drain and a sump-pump will prevent standing water in your crawl space, and save your home from future water damage. A sealed or an encapsulated crawl space expels any moisture that can cause damage, and a dehumidifier will help control the humidity to prevent mold and wood rot. At Carolina Casa our specialty is sealed crawl spaces, we've designed numerous solutions to help prevent moisture damage in the home and crawl space. Call us today to find out more!